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Notice of 2019 AGM for Organic Industries of Australia Ltd and election of directors


All Full members (certified organic operators)

All Associate members (all other members)

Date and time

The Annual General Meeting for Organic Industries of Australia Ltd will be convened at 9.00am on Wednesday 13 November 2019 in Sydney.

AGM venue

Conference Room CB10.03.470
University of Technology Sydney
City Campus, Building 10
Level 3
235 Jones Street

Google map reference:

AGM Business

The agenda and all agenda papers are available on the website at

  1. Election of a chair for the meeting
  2. Confirmation of previous minutes
    1. a. Annual General Meeting on 28/11/2018
    2. b. Special General Meeting on 3/7/2018
  3. Annual financial report
    1. 2017-18
    2. 2018-19
    3. Auditor’s report—Members decided not to appoint an auditor
  4. Report from the Board of Directors
  5. Election of Directors
    1. Candidates to be advised by 6 November 6
  6. Appointment of an auditor for 2019-20
  7. Strategic planning

No further items can be considered at the AGM.

The AGM will be followed at approximately 11.00am by a workshop of the Australian Organic Industry Working Group.

Election of directors

As I have currently received insufficient valid nominations to at least fill at least the known vacancies for directors, and I also understand several nominations are still being prepared, I will accept further nominations until COB on Wednesday 6 November. I will advise members of the nominated candidates at that time.

Nominations must be made and seconded by a financial full member of OIA Ltd—that is, they must be a certified organic operator and not have any membership fees outstanding. Directors do not need to be certified organic operators.

Performing the duties of a director of the peak body for the organic industry is a challenging and also rewarding opportunity to serve in an industry leadership role. The Board meets approximately 6-10 times annually, and directors may also take on additional tasks or serve on a committee. Most meetings are convened by teleconference, but the Board does meet in person several times a year. Directors are not currently remunerated. If you would like further information about the role, please feel free to contact me, the acting chair or any of the other directors.

The procedure for the election of directors

The AGM will first decide how many directors to appoint. The minimum is 7 and the maximum is 11.

There are currently 4 continuing directors. The remaining director positions will be declared vacant.

No candidates will be accepted from the floor of the meeting.

If the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of vacancies, then all candidates are duly elected as director.

If there are more candidates than the number of vacancies, the Company Secretary will conduct a preferences based secret ballot, assisted by two scrutineers.

Voting rights at the meeting

Each Full Member present is entitled to vote on any resolution put at any General Meeting and have one (1) vote. The Full Member may cast their vote either:

  • in person at a General Meeting; or
  • by Direct Vote.

Associates are entitled to be present but are not entitled to a vote at any General Meeting (or Annual General Meeting) of the Company.

Where Full Members are entitled to cast votes to any or all of the resolutions (including special resolutions) proposed to be considered at, and specified in the notice convening, a General Meeting, the Full Member may cast those votes by Direct Vote.

A Direct Vote is not valid unless the Direct Vote is electronically submitted to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the General Meeting.

A Member who casts a Direct Vote is entitled to attend a meeting. The Member is entitled to re-cast their vote on resolutions the subject of the Direct Vote at that meeting.

A poll may be demanded on any resolution at a meeting of Members, by any Full Member or by the Chair.

The Company does not permit proxy arrangements.


Tony Webster
Company Secretary
0448 439 334

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Voice of Australia's organic industries