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Membership By-Laws

The Membership By-Laws are normally amended by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

1. These Membership By-Laws are made pursuant to clause 23 of the Constitution.

2. For new memberships accepted between 1 March and 30 June, the Subscription that is paid pursuant to clause 3.2 of the Constitution will count as payment in full of the Subscription for the following year (date of effect 11/06/2019).

3. Pursuant to clause 6.1 of the Constitution, the following Subscription fees apply.

  New members Continuing members Decision
  Full member Associates Foundation Full member Associates Date
2019-20 $10 $10 $250 $0 $0 11/06/2019
2018-19 $10 $10 $250 - - 30/10/2018

The Constitution is available on our website (link).