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Melbourne—12 & 13 February 2019


Venue: Holiday Inn, Melbourne Airport

Tuesday 12 February—Industry Strategy

Time Session Details
10.30am Morning tea Tea & coffee on arrival
11.00am Export strategy

Improving access to export opportunities for the organic sector and shaping the industry export strategy. Provides an opportunity to directly influence upcoming activities and events funded by the Australian Government.

Facilitated by Export Connect

1.30pm Lunch  
2.15pm Biosecurity seed review

Update on the advisory panel and the government's intentions

Presentation by Don Murray

3.00pm Industry strategy

Developing an industry strategic plan

Facilitated by Strategic Project Partners

3.50pm Domestic strategy issues

Setting an agenda for the day. To be determined by the workshop.

  • Professional standards
  • Industry education
  • Industry and stakeholder communications
  • Government relations
  • How to fund the industry's priorities
6.00pm Cocktails & canapes  
7.30pm Use of technology in supply chain integrity

The automatic collection of production and supply chain data, impartially managed, to promote supply chain trust and action

Presented by Chris McLoughlin, escaVox

8.30pm Evening session Reflections on industry strategic priorities

Wednesday 13 February—Industry Policy

Time Session Details
8.30am Presentations from Dept of Agriculture
  • Traceability systems and emerging technologies and their application in agriculture and market access
  • The Government's review of export regulations for organic products and implications for the National Standard
  • How trade negotiations really work, key issues in bilateral negotiations with major trading partners, and how the organic industry can influence the negotiations

Presentations by Dept of Agriculture

11.00am Morning tea  
11.30pm Market access for organic products

Impediments and practical issues in market access for organic products

Presentation by Marg Will

12.15pm National Organic Standard

A forum on domestic and export organic standards and developing an industry strategic policy

1.45pm Close  


  • Suggestions for improvements to the export survey to be provided asap
  • Launch the draft export strategy in early May—an Industry Summit is a requirement of ATMAC grant
  • Depending on how industry strategy is progressing, Industry Summit could also cover this
  • Need to talk to Dept of Agriculture on biodiversity review taking organic concerns seriously
  • High priority issues:
    • One standard—related to the Government's export review
    • Clarification around one industry peak body (by 1 July 2019)
    • Policy development—process supporting plus policy issues as well
    • Organisational strategy
    • Resourcing


Export strategy presentation

Export strategy presentation - survey results

SPP presentation on export strategy

DAWR presentation on organic export system

DAWR presentation on organics in trade negotiations





Whiteboard - Timetable