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Gene technology survey

We surveyed organic operators during September to seek industry views on the Government's deregulation of genetic modification technology.

GM survey

GM survey

GM survey

GM survey



I do not want my food contaminated. I have illnesses and eating organic food has helped me become healthier. Please do not allow this industry to become deregulated.

I don't believe that there has been adequate consultation on this matter or that consideration has been given to the long term effects

I would like to see detailed analysis of the impact of this legislation and it's potential impacts before it becomes law.

This cannot be allowed to go ahead. It ruins what little good value Australia has to offer the world and it's people as far as what it makes is concerned.

Organic export is critical to the overall strength of Australian agriculture perception globally, albeit a small percentage overall. On that point, and also aside from, considering the merit of global standing on GMO and consumer demand for disclosure, it is reprehensible that the Australian Government allows corporate lobbyist to think for them, or that the future of global agriculture standing is best served by allowing deregulation when that is a tide that is turning as indicated by our export recipients.

It will soon be too late for clean safe food if science keeps trying to better nature... work with nature and spend research on understanding it will benefit us all in the long run.

Markets and consumers buy and trust our products because they are free from and contamination or manipulations, as one of the fastest-growing agricultural sectors surely the domestic and international markets being protected is worth considering - how do we know that gene technologies won't be the next asbestos/tobacco etc? Science told us it was safe but now we know otherwise -isnt our health of more importance?

This deregulation must be stopped, it is critical for the organic business as well as health of the general public.

Each genetic modification needs to be tested individually not a technique as variation in result is already demonstrated

As an organic grower and consumer I am very concerned by this issue and see the need for complete regulation of all new GM techniques (not just selected)as imperative for the future of the organic industry in Australia.