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The Organic Food Market Visit Program

We are looking to run more programs like this in 2019. Contact if you are interested.

An industry specific program that helps organic food and beverage producers develop a market entry strategy for Singapore & Hong Kong Markets. This program is limited to 6 participating companies only and will be allocated on a first-in basis. Expressions of interest will close 12th June 2018, unless fully booked beforehand.

Program Structure

  • A comprehensive Competitor Analysis for your product categories, sourced from online and on-shelf data. This will be pivotal in determining retail price points and building a pitch that accurately articulates USP.
  • Completed by 6th July
  • Singapore & Hong Kong Market Specific Workshop that covers the following topics:
    • defining export vision
    • market specific demographic and economic overview
    • detailed market channel assessment
    • developing an export price list, taking into account Singapore & Hong Kong supply chain margins
    • market access considerations—what are the organic export/import requirements and regulations
    • developing buyer pitch
  • Deliver on 27th July
  • Singapore and Hong Kong Market Visit will include Flagship Supermarket Tours of retail chains, Presentations from in-market food/organic associations, FMCG Marketing companies, Import/Customs officials, in-market Austrade/State representatives, and specialists from the organic sector and tailored B2B Appointments with retailers, distributors and e-commerce platforms.
  • Market Visit Dates: 12th—17th August
  • Export connect will host a Follow-Up Day, post-market tour; a half-day workshop to maximise the opportunities created and evaluate contacts generated.
  • Deliver on 24th August
  • Export Connect will host a Q&A Organic Food Exports Forum with the Market Visit pilot participants as panelists at Fine Food Australia. Session will be recorded for maximum coverage and the next Market Visit Program will be advertised.
  • Deliver during Fine Food Australia: 10th—13th September

What the program includes

  • Online and on-shelf competitor analysis that includes:
    • brand names
    • country of manufacture
    • net weight
    • packaging type
    • price
    • product claims
    • importers details
    • product photos
    • shelf photos
  • Full day workshop development and delivery for Singapore & Hong Kong Markets, including market insights from research platforms such as Euromonitor
  • Market visit including:
    • expert speakers
    • B2B matching
    • supermarket tour
    • Export Connect Director to lead
    • Export Connect Project Manager support
  • Post-market opportunity review
  • Q&A Organic Food Exporters Forum and facilitation at Fine Food Australia

*Excludes airfares, accommodation, meals and land transport.

Investment: $6,000 + GST

Note: Eligible companies may qualify for funding for this program with the Export Market Development Grants Scheme (EMDG), and may be able to receive grants through other Commonwealth and State government programs.The pilot Market Visit Program is designed for participation from 6 Companies covering categories including meat, wet grocery, dry grocery and personal care. Export Connect will ensure that participating companies will not be direct competitors.

RSVP: Confirmation of attendance and payment in full must be received by 15 June 2018

To confirm your participation in the Market Visit Program, please email: or